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Touching Stone - A Journey of the Mind Part I

Photography by Tim Wong

Calligraphy by Akiko Hirano

Japanese Hut in clouds

Among White Clouds

Silver gelatin print, Tim Wong


White Clouds

Ink on Japanese paper, Akiko Hirano

Japanese calligraphy inkstone


Silver gelatin print, Tim Wong

The 8th-century Chinese poet Wang Chang-ling 王昌齡 proposed that poems had Yi Jing 意境 , an invisible landscape created in the reader's mind. Likewise, pictures can evoke mental landscapes seen only in the mind of the viewer.


In this project, the mindscape begins in an ancient temple high on a misty mountain in Japan, where a calligrapher sits quietly grinding an ink stick on an inkstone. As she begins to write, her mind transforms into a shrouded figure, floating effortlessly down the long corridor on a pilgrimage to a faraway land and a time long forgotten...



Mystic wabi sabi temple in fog

"Mystic" silver gelatin print, Tim Wong

"Moutain Temple" calligraphy, Akiko Hirano


From a mountain temple

the sound of a bell struck fumblingly

vanishes in the mist

- Yosa Buson (1716-1784)


Hanging temple on cliff shrine

"Hidden Temple" silver gelatin print, Tim Wong

"Cold Mountain" calligraphy, Akiko Hirano

People ask the way to Cold Mountain

The road does not reach Cold Mountain

If your heart is like mine

You would get there

- Hanshan (ca. 800AD)

Kibitsu Jinja Japanese Temple

"Passage" silver gelatin print, Tim Wong

"Passage" calligraphy, Akiko Hirano

Footfalls echo in the memory

Down the passage which we did not take

Towards the door we never opened

- T.S. Eliot (1888-1965)


Path in bamboo forest

"Rustling Bamboos" silver gelatin print, Tim Wong

"Rustling Bamboos" calligraphy, Akiko Hirano

Wind rustles the bamboos

by the window

in the dusk

- Ohtomo-no Yakamochi (718-785)


Black figure in forest
Black figure in forest
Iwamura-jo Japanese Castle

"Eternal Traveler #3" silver gelatin print, Tim Wong

"Eternal Traveler #1" silver gelatin print

Tim Wong

"Eternal Traveler #2" silver gelatin print

Tim Wong

"Eternal Traveler" calligraphy, Akiko Hirano

Time is an endlessly passing traveler  - Li Pai (701-762)


Months and days are eternal travelers

Passing years are travelers too  - Matsuo Basho (1644-1694)


Bird flies over torii

"Tori" silver gelatin print, Tim Wong

Tranquil water

"Tranquility" silver gelatin print, Tim Wong

"Flowing Water" calligraphy, Akiko Hirano

The river flows constantly

Moreover, it's never the same water

- Kamo-no Chomei (ca.1155-1216)


Osorezan Fear Mountain between Heaven and Earth

"Between Heaven and Earth" silver gelatin print

Tim Wong

Pilgrimage at Jodogahama
Du Fu Sand Gull callgraphy

"Pilgrimage" silver gelatin print, Tim Wong

Solitude stone in water

"Solitude" silver gelatin print, Tim Wong

Illusion woman in dune

"Illusion" silver gelatin print, Tim Wong

"Between Earth & Sky" calligraphy, Akiko Hirano

Floating floating about, what am I

A lone sand gull between earth and sky

- Du Fu (712-770)

Mirage woman in dune
Mirage woman in dune
Mirage woman in dune
Mirage woman in dune

"After Image" Quadriptych, Silver gelatin print, Tim Wong     

Calligraphy After Image by Akiko Hirano

"After Image" calligraphy, Ink on Japanese paper, Akiko Hirano

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