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Touching Stone - A Journey of the Mind

Photography by Tim Wong

Calligraphy by Akiko Hirano

Quiet austere beauty, the essence of Japanese wabi sabi aesthetic, is also an endearing quality of the American Southwest. Wong and Hirano capture the emotive feelings of these diverse landscapes through the mind's eye of a calligrapher (presented as a shrouded figure). The images are limited-edition silver-gelatin darkroom prints, paired with calligraphy written on Japanese paper with hand-ground sumi ink.  Enjoy the journey!

Touching Stone Calligraphy
Japanese calligraphy inkstone
Japanese rock garden meditation

Against the inkstone

the ink stick grinds

setting free my mind


Rustling the bamboo leaves

a light breeze plays

in the twilight


A bird takes wings, leading me

on a pilgrimage

to a time long forgotten


An amber light glows

in the dark, illuminating

a new life emerging


Into the warmth of Mother Earth

the open arms of Father Sky

Across canyons and mesas

like waves


Atop the most sacred place

Sun Dagger finds its home

White and blue the dancers' sash

stained a brilliant crimson red


For a thousand years

in a circle of stone

the fiery drums



Right and left

forth and back

the Kachinas dance

ne'er touching ground


Over the rock walls

their spirits soar

free at last

as clouds


Returning to earth

the Owner of Fire


into a gift of beauty


Tonight the wind still blows

the bamboo grove sways

My heart rejoins the inkstone

in perfect harmony


- Touching Stone Journey translated  © Akiko Hirano

Touching Stone Journey calligraphy © Akiko Hirano

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