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As part of the 2018-2019 Santa Fe Artists in Residence Program, the calligraphy-photography project 'Touching Stone - A Journey of the Mind' was exhibited in Edition One Gallery to an enthusiastic audience. (Read an article on this exhibition.) There were many touching moments, one happened on the last day of the exhibition, when well known Santa Fe artists and poets Cynthia West and James McGrath revisited the gallery to write poems inspired by the exhibits. Afterward, they treated Wong and Hirano to an impromptu private poetry reading in the gallery.


Two poets

A Difference


Walking down a white path

in a white land, a black absence,

a shadow of a thought,

she leaves footprints for the wind

to erase. A difference shaped

of motion and of change,

she treads the unmapped path

to the dark land where night

breathes into night unheard.

Without knowing, it is simple

for her feet to press vanishing tracks

across the horizon that holds

the earth and the sky as one.

   - Cynthia West

   (reproduced with permission) 

In this space

   where two artists live and breathe

   for a brief time,

   there is music

   where the winter moon

   leaves an echo.


Here in this space

   the shadows of ink

   and click of camera

   rest behind glass

   and the black edge of frame

   to hold out their hands

   after the walls

   have become silent

   and the tea bowls are empty.


This is the space

   where the eyes

   find a pathway

   toward home.

   - James McGrath

   (reproduced with permission) 

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